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9:00Conference Chair’s Opening Remarks

Session 1

  • 09:10Morning Power-Hour Panel

  • 10:10Getting ready for Digital Transformation

  • 10:40Disrupting the existing business model to re-imagine banking digitally

  • 11:00How AI & ML can fuel the digitalization process?

  • 11:20Digital Transformation in Fraud Management: Opportunities and Challenges ahead

11:40Virtual Networking and Coffee Break

Session 2

  • 12:00The rise cloud computing and challenges

  • 12:25From Traditional to Digital. Arion Bank´s Digital journey

  • 12:45Keynote Sponsor session

13:00Virtual Networking & Lunch Break

Session 3

    • 14:00Afternoon Panel

    • 14:40Big Data as a new gold

    • 15:05Partnering with customers to build the financial institution of the future

15:25 Networking and Coffee Break

Session 4

  • 15:45How to increase competitiveness by using better identification and customer-centric digital onboarding

  • 16:05Enabling data science & AI initiatives using agile methodologies

  • 16:25Enabling Next Generation Customer Insights & Interactions: AI in Wealth Management

  • 16:45Challenges in the way of Digital Transformation-Ikano Bank case study

  • 17:05Conference Chair’s Closing remarks